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Karachuonyo constituency is one of the constituencies in Homabay county. The Sub County has islands, with unique fauna and flora and an impressive array of physiological features with great aesthetic value of nature. Because of its proximity to Lake Victoria, fishing is one of the main activities as well as agriculture. The constituency has seven wards namely; Wang’chieng, Kendubay Town, Kanyaluo, Central Karachuonyo, North Karachuonyo, West Karachuonyo and Kibiri wards. There are twenty-three locations and fifty-nine sub locations. The constituency is currently represented by Hon. Andrew Adipo Okuome. The electoral number is 247 and covers an area of approximately 441.20 square kilometers with a population of 178,686 people out of which 85,409 are males and 93,273 females (KNBS 2019). It’s largely inhabited by the luo with some Kisii and Somali communities. Luhyas and Kikuyus found there through intermarriages and/or economical engagements. The constituency office is located at the Rachuonyo North sub county headquarters - Kamodi centre.

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